3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

If you live in Southwest Kansas there is no need to drive to Wichita for a bankruptcy lawyer. In fact, you can get expert service and many hidden benefits right here locally…

If you are thinking of using a bankruptcy attorney in Wichita instead of a local Garden City KS bankruptcy lawyer then here are a few things you may want to consider.

bankruptcy lawyer garden city ksFirst, many of my clients worry about how public their bankruptcy will be.  Even though bankruptcy has become more common, with nearly a million being filed each year, many folks are embarrassed or even ashamed that they find themselves in this financial position. But these feelings are unfounded because 80% of bankruptcies are necessary due to situations out of your control like illness, job loss and divorce.  Incredibly, very few bankruptcies are the result of foolish overspending.  You likely know one or more people that have filed a bankruptcy.

In spite of this, people still worry about their name being published in the newspaper announcing their bankruptcy.  If you file your bankruptcy in Wichita this will most likely result in your name being printed in the Wichita Eagle Beacon and the Hutchinson News.  Both of these papers have strong circulations in Western Kansas.

However, unlike Wichita law firms, at Dean Ryan Law we file all our bankruptcies in Topeka, Kansas.  By filing your bankruptcy in Topeka your name will appear in the Topeka Capital Journal which is rarely seen in the SW Kansas area.

And lastly, I have a long working relationship with the Bankruptcy Trustees in Topeka. I understand what they are looking for, can anticipate problems, and work out solutions before filing.  This helps make your bankruptcy progress through the system more smoothly and avoids your name in the “local” paper.

When you consider these benefits it makes little sense to waste your time and money traveling to Wichita when you have a trusted and professional bankruptcy attorney in Garden City, KS.

Dean Ryan is an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Garden City KS and the surrounding Southwestern KS area. For a free bankruptcy consultation call 620-275-9614 during normal business hours.