Kansas Adoption Laws Information

To help answer your questions about adoption laws in Kansas I located a document provided by a federally funded project at iaatp.com. It covers many questions you may have concerning adoption laws.

You can download the document below.

However, let me answer a question I have been asked frequently by hopeful step-parents concerning the consent of the natural mother or father.

Basically, if the natural mother or father has not paid any support, or had any contact with the child or children for 2 years, consent is not required. Also, if the father abandoned the mother after finding out she was pregnant his consent is not required either.

Hopefully this Kansas Adoption Law document will answer any questions you have. If you have specific questions not answered please contact our office.

Kansas Adoption Laws FAQ Document

If you are interested in adopting a child a good place to visit is the St Francis website. The website has a lot of great information too.


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