The Advantages Of A Friendly Divorce

A “friendly divorce” may sound like a dream for many folks, but it can be done. And although it may not be the easiest thing in the world to accomplish; if you can work it out, it is well worth the effort in more ways than one…

Here are the three main benefits you’ll get with a friendly divorce:

First, the cost for a friendly divorce is substantially less than one that isn’t. This is money you can keep for a fresh start or save for your children. What would you rather do — fill the pockets of your attorney, or keep it for yourself?

Second, if you have children a friendly divorce is much easier on them psychologically. A child has to deal with substantial emotions before, during and after a divorce. If it is on friendly terms during this time it can help your children transition more smoothly.

And third, even though you are divorced you may still have to see one another on occasions. This is always the case when children are involved. Would you rather be on friendly terms or waste time bickering and fighting over the past? We all have better things to do, right?

When you look at just these three things thoughtfully, you’ll come to realize a friendly divorce just makes the most sense. It relieves the tension, emotional strain and benefits everyone involved. And the money you’ll save is nice too.


Dean K Ryan is a Garden City KS Attorney with 30 years of experience. He can help you with a friendly divorce and other legal matters in and around Finney County KS.