Proof of Insurance Violation

Motorcycle cop garden city ks 67846If you were issued a ticket for driving without proof of insurance in Garden City KS or the surrounding area, you have several options. First, if you had insurance at the time of the infraction we may be able to speak on your behalf with the prosecutor to dismiss the ticket with a warning. You may still need to pay court fees but this is much better than the minimum penalties and other potential costs you may face.

In Kansas, driving without proof of insurance is a Class B misdemeanor for first time offenders and carries a fine of not less than $300 or more than $1,000 and/or county jail confinement not exceeding 6 months.

For second time offenders within 3 years of a previous conviction these penalties get worse. The fine is not less than $800 or more than $2,500 with the potential of jail time. You also risk having your driver’s license suspended. And remember, all of this can show up on your driving record which can affect employment opportunities and your insurance rates.

Clearly, this is serious. If you get a ticket in Garden City KS for no proof of insurance, or anywhere in the SW Kansas area, the best thing to do is call an attorney immediately. There are many ways for a good SW Kansas traffic lawyer to minimize the damages and prevent the possibility of more serious consequences.

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