Kansas Speeding Ticket Violations

If you were issued a Garden City KS speeding ticket we can help you avoid serious problems many people encounter by not having experienced legal representation. A speeding violation in Kansas can affect you in many ways including higher insurance rates, employment problems and even the suspension of your driver’s license.

garden city ks speeding ticketKansas is a “Moving Violation” state. This means your license can be suspended if you are issued too many moving violations in a calendar year. Unfortunately, a moving violation involves dozens of possibilities as defined in 33 different Kansas statutes. If you have had more than one ticket in the last 12 months your license could be suspended.

Even if your license doesn’t face a potential suspension, a speeding ticket exceeding certain speed limits will be reported to your insurance company. This will affect your insurance rates for years in the future, and can also affect your employment if your job is tied to your driving record.

This is why it is so important to have legal representation when it comes to speeding tickets in Kansas. It is important to know that prosecutors have the discretion to amend traffic violations. An experienced attorney can represent you and work with prosecutors to get speeding tickets reduced, sometimes even to a lesser non-moving violation. Doing this reduces your fines, helps you avoid a potential suspension and reduces the possibility of suffering from higher insurance rates.

Don’t let the courts take advantage of you and ruin your driving record. Call us today so we can reduce your fines and penalties and avoid higher insurance rates!

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