7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Postal Mail Identity Theft

mail-boxIdentity theft through the U.S. mail accounts for about 10% of all cases. It is a prime target for identity thieves because it is fairly simple to hijack mail from unsecured mailboxes or mail facilities with lax security measures. The good news is by taking some simple preventative security measures you can reduce your risk very quickly.

Here are 7 ways you can protect yourself from being victimized from identity theft using postal mail:

1) If at all possible install or use a lockbox for home mail delivery or use a P.O. Box.

2) When mailing any documents containing check payments or other financial or personal information take them directly to the post office or drop them in a secure USPS mail box or an internal slot at the post office. Doing this bypasses vulnerable areas of mail delivery.

3) Use Fed X or UPS signature and tracking delivery to send important documents containing personal, financial or other sensitive information.

4) When you are expecting new credit cards in the mail you should watch for them and call the credit card companies if you don’t receive them within a week of when they are expected.

5) If there is no way to secure your mail with a lockbox, or a P.O. Box is not an option, you should get your mail within an hour of delivery. Doing this reduces your exposure to possible theft.

6) Mailing bank deposits is not a good idea anymore. Criminal scumbags have infiltrated mail facilities and simply steal your account numbers. Once they have them they can create phony checks and clean out your accounts. If you must do deposits like this it is always best to FedX directly to your bank but this is still not foolproof. It is best to setup direct deposits whenever possible.

7) Finally, it is always a good practice to employ early detection systems to limit financial loss and drastically reduce recovery time.

For more information about protecting yourself and children from identity theft and fraud using U.S. mail services check out this information:


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